Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Out & About, Aug '09

I walk a lot in neighborhoods nearby. I try to carry a camera in my pocket when possible. Here is random home/landscaping stuff I liked from the month of August...

I need more mid and late
summer color in our yard.
I keep seeing these big
flowers in many different
hues on my walks. I asked
my neighbor about hers
finally: Rose of Sharon.
Probably explains why my
friend down the street has
a some in front of their
house, I'm guessing it's
because her wife's name is
Sharon. Awww....

I haven't looked up what these dark pink flowers are yet, though they look rather similar to impatiens. I just love the dark foliage...
I love climbing vines that flower. Are these morning glories? I really want a Wysteria vine too.
That's it for August. I'll probably have more in September now that I thought to do this!

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